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Beijing is awesome!

Hello everyone!!  I hope you are all doing OK! There has been a lot of fun stuff going on in my life recently and I will update you on that right NOW! So, first of all, the easiest and quickest way to see what I am up to is to check my YouTube channel I […]

A Beijing Christmas: 2012

在中国看视频请按这里 I had previously felt that there was very little Christmas spirit here in Beijing, but then my friends came to the rescue and brought a little to me! Christmas here in Beijing is purely a commercial affair..  Shopping malls are lined with Christmas trees and decorations to attempt to get more visitors – it […]

Christmas has come early!

在中国看视频请按这里 My good friends back home sent some  presents to me!  Thank you all so so so much!  This has really made me smile! Christmas cheer is nearly obsolete here in Beijing, apart from a few bars and shopping malls who only want my money.  This has made me all warm inside and given me […]

Chuandixia Village, China

I visited the tiny Chuandixia Village (Cuandixia 爨底下村) a couple weeks ago with some of my friends.  It is definitely a very beautiful place and I’d recommend checking it out if ever you get the chance. We stayed there for 2 days, 1 night and did some in depth exploration of the village.  I think if you want […]

Camping trip in China with crazy kids!

I recently went on a camping trip in some mountains on the outskirts of Beijing which was so much fun! I took a whole bunch of photos and videos, but for now I want to share this funny clip!  It still makes me laugh so much when I see it!!

A month in Beijing

I can´t believe it has only been one month since I arrived in Beijing! It feels like so much has happened in such a short space of time. I was supposed to try and update this blog daily, but that just wasn´t possible, neither was weekly. But finally after month and a few days, I […]

Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

I have not been active on this blog for a few weeks and I decided that it was time for an update.  The past few weeks have been packed full of fun stuff and I’ve met so many amazing people too. Here are some photos and videos of what has been going on in my […]

Valentine’s Day – Who is it for?

Who is valentine’s day really for?  Couples or singles? You decide! Jailbreak iPhone?: http://www.locksleynet.com/l/2 Jamaica photos: http://www.locksleynet.com/l/1

How to: Make any song your iPhone ringtone with iTunes!

For those of you who are bored with the standard Apple ringtones you get on your iPhone – here is a quick n easy fix that will let you have any unprotected MP3 or AAC file as your ringtone! After making the video I figured I’d do some screen shots to back it up as […]

Big Brother 11

Will you be watching it this year? 2010 is the final year for Big Brother in the UK!!  I’ll be giving my first impressions as the new housemates enter the house later this evening at 9pm GMT. 

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