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I am probably not alone right now when I say, I am not quite sure about Google Plus as a social network..  It seems like such a good idea on paper, a social networking site automatically linked to your email account, all your contacts easy to find, Google – a mega search engine working hard organising everything for you.  But, it just doesn’t feel right.


I joined (was pretty much forced) a while back, but have never once used it hoping anyone would see anything happening there.  I occasionally “Plus 1″ the odd thing I stumble across online (what’s the point, right?) and I occasionally “add people to my circles” to come and look at my empty profile..  However, when I heard that I can automatically backup ALL of my photos and videos there instantly using my phone – I got interested!

I am always taking photos and videos with my phone (sorry real camera).  This means that my phone memory is always FULL or I ‘pre-delete’ a heap of photos if I know I might be going somewhere that I will be taking lots of pics.  The problem is, it gets annoying connecting the phone to a computer and transferring pics to back them up.  Also, there is the added risk of the computer/hard drive crashing (touch wood it never happens!)..   Currently I have approaching 80,000 (precious) photos and videos stored on my hard drives.

So, instead of using services like Flickr to backup photos I started my search for a good service, which wasn’t just for ‘showing off’ photos like Instagram etc.  I wanted a boring behind the scenes yet reliable photo backup service.  One without cumbersome rules and ease of access.  I feel like I’ve been in a cave for ages to have not realised Google Plus did this for my phone this whole time!

What other services are there out there that are as easy as this?  I am sure there are a few, but I’d be interested to hear if I am making a big mistake by signing my photos away to Google Plus?

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