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That fish..

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Today, the first thing I needed to do was go to my Chinese school and give them some freshly snapped passport photos..  I hate doing this! Here in Beijing, people don’t generally use the photo-booths I am used to back home, instead I needed to go into a big printing shop and have some random shop worker take my picture against a shoddy background before it was Photoshop corrected to all white..  Hmm.  Then to be told to come back in half an hour just seemed a little unnecessary and annoying to me.  It’s only one sheet of paper that needed to be ‘developed’ (printed)..  Anyway, for anyone who wants to see (judge me) here is the final pic haha.


I thought Kodak closed down?


The sun was shining fiercely today! But it was still pretty chilly..

Such a nice day today compared to yesterday!



Roarrrrr!!!! Scared?



Don’t ask why this is here.. It’s not early.. It’s over 2 years late… It has never been taken down from the entrance of this place..



安全出口 Anquan Chukou. Now you know how to say ‘emergency exit’ in Chinese. Boom!



Riding in the taxi!


Fish hot pot!

First they showed us the live fish, flapping around in a net, probably trying to make a run for it before we dug in..  Then they cut it up and sploshed it into this pot



Gotta love iced tea


I almost always drink iced tea when I go out to eat..  I hear it’s full of sugar..  Darn..  But it tastes so good..  Stupid sweet tooth.



After our fish hot pot, we were still hungry, so we bought some lamb to add to the pot..  So we actually ate fish flavoured lamb as it was cooked on our table in the same pot which still had fish in it.  Nicer than it sounds, just take my word for it haha!


Lettuce roots

…  Yea..  Never thought I’d be eating it but hey, it just tastes like a green vegetable..  No distinct flavour, just a green vegetable..




So oily!!!!!!!  Too oily!!!!






At first I thought he was homeless, but now I think he actually works here at this cafe!  People here sleep everywhere :-D


7-11 is Everywhere!!! The best thing is they’re mostly open 24 hours!!



Some kind of warm ginger flavoured drink. Not bad.



In addition to all the other things on my ever-growing list of things I want, I want one of these – a Google Chromebook..  I realise as long as I have a regular PC at home as my main base for all my files, all I need is a super quick small laptop to take around with me.  I don’t ever need to do any heavy-duty processing while I’m out, only uploading a few photos etc..  Hmm..  Should I?

See ya tomorrow!!  I’ll try taking some more photos :-)

Oh and while you wait for tomorrow’s post – check out this scary piece of uniform out of Taiwan!!

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