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Beijing is awesome!

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Hello everyone!!  I hope you are all doing OK!

There has been a lot of fun stuff going on in my life recently and I will update you on that right NOW!

So, first of all, the easiest and quickest way to see what I am up to is to check my YouTube channel

I have 2 main playlists at the moment, one of them being Daily Minute!  This is where I give everyone 1 minute of my thoughts every day.  Sometimes completely random, sometimes super cool – check it out!

Also, I have my weekly update, which combines footage of all my activities from the previous week.  This playlist can be seen here –

Now, in addition to that, I will also start posting here again for your viewing pleasure, once a week or every day…  I haven’t decided yet!  Let me know what you suggest below!!  Check out some random pictures below from the last few months!  Don’t forget to subscribe for email updates and make sure this website is not on your email account’s ‘blocked list’!  Speak to you all soon!



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  1. Thanks for sharing. Beijing is awesome :)))

  2. regina143 says:

    And definitely right in that it's universal to be living life the same everywhere. – Mallory Fleming

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