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Tiantongyuan: Subway Sunday

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2013 is finally here!  I thought I’d take the time to set myself some challenges..  One of them is to visit EVERY single subway station on the Beijing Subway map (below)..  There are currently 261 stations and over 275 miles of track which makes this the longest subway system in the world!  I will visit every single one this year and have a look around to see some places I maybe would never normally have reason to visit.

Beijing Subway map. By 2015 the length of the tracks is set to double, so I’d better get started before they add more stations!

The first stops are Tiantongyuan North (天通苑北), Tiantongyuan (天通苑) and Tiantongyuan South (天通苑南).  I have grouped these stations together because they are all part of one HUGE housing district.  There are over 1.5 million residents in this housing suburb of Beijing, making it the largest of its kind in the capital.

How many people live in your city?  Could they all fit into this one housing community in Beijing?


Come back to see where I go next week!

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  1. Jacky says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this post! Travelling to every single subway station in Beijing is indeed going to be a tiring task! I loved the photographs and I think I should seriously consider touring to Beijing. heart healthy diet

  2. Some streets are busy, some are not. But, the overall view of the city is good.

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