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A Beijing Christmas: 2012

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I had previously felt that there was very little Christmas spirit here in Beijing, but then my friends came to the rescue and brought a little to me!

Christmas here in Beijing is purely a commercial affair..  Shopping malls are lined with Christmas trees and decorations to attempt to get more visitors – it works of course!

However, unlike at home, it stops at the malls and restaurants.  People go about their daily lives on Christmas Day like it’s any other day of the week.  Not a single thought about Santa, family, presents or Turkey.  Ahh..

Well, we have a community of ‘Westerners’ here in Beijing and we tried our best to bring a bit of Christmas spirit to Beijing :)  It was a lot of fun!

Back home in England, me and some friends have a tradition of going to eat Indian food in the run up to Christmas..  We usually go to our favourite restaurant Rajah in Nottingham, however this time I could not attend so I was there in spirit on Christmas Day eating at an Indian restaurant here in Beijing instead :-p

Haha, I will take that last samosa – thanks!

Then I went with some friends to eat at a Teppan Yaki restaurant in the evening.  So so so so delicious!  So much fun too :)

Dessert :)

I am telling you – it was a COLD Christmas..  Freezing cold!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!  See you all in the new year :)

Any special plans for the new year?

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  1. Scott Safadi says:

    Wow, you sure have one unforgettable Christmas celebration. I like all these photos, they are all so beautiful.

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