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Summer Camp

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I went on a summer camp with a bunch of kids in August and it was pretty fun!  These kids are pretty difficult to control at times, I guess speaking in their second language all the time makes it that little bit more difficult.

It’s so much fun being around the kids and teaching them new things.  Not only new words and phrases, but about ‘Western’ culture too.  They love to hear stories about what I consider regular every day things, but to them it’s so different.  I am the same, I love to let them tell me stories (in English of course) about Chinese culture and their way of life.  We learn from each other – yes, my teachers are a bunch of screaming 5-11 year olds!

On the camp we saw an amazing dragonfly and I managed to get a nice clip –

In no particular order*click to enlarge*..

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  1. esmerald says:

    That was one fun and exciting camp! I really like all the photos, the kids were very happy. Thanks for sharing this! – Travis Jones Rush Properties

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