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Tianjin, China

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I made a trip to Tianjin at the start of this year with a friend to visit for the first time.  One thing I can definitely say is that Tianjin is really huge – but it’s also like a HUGE construction site..  Though it’s a city of over 10 million people, there isn’t a large non-Chinese population there, so the stares from people were pretty funny!

Imagine everyone looking at you in amazement because you know how to get on or off a city bus.  Or people stopping, mouth wide open, cigarette dropping from their bottom lip, amazed at the sight of you doing nothing but walking..  Well, that was what it was like!  Funny times!

I couldn’t live there though as there weren’t enough entertainment or cultural events taking place there.  I think China right now is 90% pivoting on Beijing and Shanghai.  If there is something ‘happening’ it’s in one of these cities.  I wouldn’t rule Tianjin out though, it may well get there in the near future as it’s currently China’s fastest developing city.

Have a little peep at some of the photos I took while I was there.  Can you tell the difference between here and Beijing?  I’d be very interested if you can!


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  1. Wow, Tianjin is really a beautiful place! I like that tower with a big clock.

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