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Public toilets in Beijing

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In Beijing there are many public toilets around.  Sometimes, they can be as close as a few seconds walk apart.

However, I have never actually used them for anything I would need to sit down for (if you know what I mean)..  Reason?  Well have a look.

Ok so 99% of the public toilets here are of the squat variety which means there is no seat and you are lucky if there is a cubicle!  So most of the time when I walk into these toilets there are two or three people squatting side by side, doing their business having a chat and sharing jokes with each other.

I am still relatively ‘new’ to Beijing, so I have not gotten over my phobia of using these toilets..  I am lucky to have a good, strong digestive system so I can always hold out until I get home – but I fear one day, I’ll have to squeeze in, side by side with some fellow Beijingers and do the inevitable.

I think most of the ladies I know here have gotten over this faster than the guys, though I think it’s because they do not have any option to stand up when using the toilet.  I could be wrong though, maybe they are just all braver than I am!

What do you think?  Could you get down and use the toilet in Beijing?

UPDATE:  Just after writing this I spotted an article on the BBC News website regarding hygiene in Beijing’s toilets..  Have a read.

7 Responses for “Public toilets in Beijing”

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  2. BonseBalm says:

    If that's how the Chinese like to… ya' know… squat's wrong with that?

    If you're that bothered, why not take a foldaway camping chair with a hole cut into the seat with you? It'll be just like home :)

    • Locksley says:

      It's just the being directly next to other people mid-flow.. Maybe even sharing the occasional splash to the ankle *shudder*.. Bring in the cubicles with doors please!

  3. Android says:

    Haha… This reminds me of the public toilets in Russia :D

    • Locksley says:

      Oh yea? They're like this in other countries too?! This was the first time I'd ever seen anything like it haha. Where in Russia? Maybe the two countries have shared some ways of doing things ^_^

  4. montuk says:

    architecture cool style

    • sofia says:

      Oh no.. this fact is really disgusting.. i wish i i could hold it till i get back to the hotel. I am going there this coming June.. -sigh-

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