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Busy few weeks!

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These past few weeks have been so busy for me! First my family came to visit me in China and then my friend came here alone to visit too.

I have been to so many tourist attractions and had so much fun! It was so good to see my family as I haven’t seen them for 8 months since I arrived in Beijing. My friend made the journey to China alone which I thought was very brave as it’s her first time to this side of the world! Good to see her too as it has been the same amount of time since I last saw her.

I have as usual taken many photos below which you can check out. Leave a comment – let me know when you’re coming to visit me ;-)

There is a thing here in China about letting the elder generation do whatever they want and not informing them that in ‘present day China’ it is not acceptable. China has gone through the fastest urbanisation process in human history – doing what took Europe and the USA 150 years in just 30 years. It is quite understandable that this rapid transformation of China might leave the elder generation a little baffled. However, I don’t agree with what seems to be the accepted standard of ignoring the elders behaviour. I asked my Chinese friends what they think and their reactions were all pretty much the same as in this video below.

What do you think? Should we just ignore older people’s behaviour and not inform them that times have changed? What is it like in your country?

Stay up to date with the updates to this blog here! Speak to you again soon!


One thing I really enjoy about living in Beijing are the Hutongs (胡同)!  You see so many interesting people doing things that you would definitely not get the chance to see back home. – Or in any other city!

Wangfujing Catholic Church (王府井天主堂)

China World Trade Center Tower 3. The tallest building in Beijing (as at May 2012)

I have no explanation for this..

茄子!Say Cheese!

We ate real Beijing street food.. Snails, BBQ cartilage, ligament, beans, BBQ lamb 串.. The lamb was the best part..

I'm at the Great Wall again! :)

Well, I think they asked for it!

CCTV Tower (China Central TV)

Beautiful flowers all over Beijing in spring/summer!

WHY WOULD ANYONE DRIVE IN BEIJING?!?! The traffic is ridiculous!

This girl is crazy!

£20 woop! Sounds so so so so good!

This is all I have for now!  I’ll try my best to update you again soon!

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4 Responses for “Busy few weeks!”

  1. BonseBalm says:

    Nice pictures but as a senior member of society I can't help but be incredibly offended by your lack of respect for the elderly. You claim that you would let someone old/pregnant/disabled (of which I am all 3) sit at the front of the bus and yet you don't allow them their early buns. You could make them miss the bus altogether! And I see you are trying to infect the youth of China. The infection will spread, China will fall as a result of what you have sewn here. All because of your irrespressable desire for cake. YOU MAKE ME SICK!!

  2. Holly Ford says:

    I had an amazing time. It helped that i had my own personal tour guide and translator ;-)

    Same time next year?

    I also LOVE and agree whole hartedly with the comment above!

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