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Beijing Hutongs – 北京的胡同

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I love wandering through the Hutongs in Beijing!  Hutong just means ‘alley’ and in traditional Beijing, there were thousands of them!  There still are a good few hundred around where I live and I find them so interesting.  There are some things that you just never see anywhere else.

Take a look and let me know what you think :)

The cars all have boards against the wheels because every dog here now uses tyres as 'urban trees', to pee against! There are so many dogs too, so I kinda understand..

People hang washing anywhere!

Cool graffiti!

This car was filled with water bottles.. Nice use of an abandoned car eh..

There is construction in every corner of this city!

I think this would be a painful ride :-p

What are the streets like in your neighbourhood?


6 Responses for “Beijing Hutongs – 北京的胡同”

  1. BonseBalm says:

    Certainly not the Beijing that's advertised in the holiday brochures. I'm sure it's nice and atmospheric and all when you're there but from the pictures it just looks like it needs a heck of a tidy up. Perhaps a fe potted plants and the occasional gnome would do the trick.

    • Locksley says:

      Haha, yea life in the hutongs is a little messy and chaotic. I wouldn't know where to start with this tidy up job! There are potted plants around but I haven't seen a single gnome since coming out here… Hmm.. Maybe I can start a trend.. B)

    • Locksley says:

      Wait, just had an afterthought – Beijing is advertised in holiday brochures??

  2. [...] thing I really enjoy about living in Beijing are the Hutongs (胡同)!  You see so many interesting people doing things that you would definitely not get the chance to [...]

  3. Also a big fan of hutongs! It's a far cry from the skyscrapers and bustling city.

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