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Beijing Air Quality..

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I had heard about the air quality being bad in Beijing before I came..  But, let me tell you, until you have arrived here – you ain’t seen nothing!  For those who know me in China, they will know that it’s what I talk about maybe 50% of the time.  The air quality!

Now, I am ‘that guy’ who catches a cold in winter and spring which seems to last FOREVER!  But so far, I haven’t been coughing noticeably worse than usual despite this…

Take a look at these two pictures taken from roughly the same angle on different days.

Smoggy day.  (I know how much it looks like ‘fog’ – it’s not)

Beijing smog..

Beijing smog..

A clear day, after rain.

A clear day

A clear day

Notice how some buildings just magically appear in the second picture?  The financial district is visible, including the China World Trade Center Tower III (the tallest building in Beijing).  Beijing is known as a very dry city as there is hardly any rain here.  It has maybe rained on 2 or 3 occasions since I have been here (roughly 6 weeks) and when it does the sky is immediately clear.

Now I don’t mention this because I am sad that my views are semi-permanently non-existant.  I mention this, because the ‘fog’ you see in the first picture is actually SMOG.  This is filthy air made up of exhaust fumes, factory emissions and other surely toxic particles.  Take a look at these screen shots I took using the Beijing air quality app for iPhone!  It’s shocking!











Then look what happens after the rain comes..

Straight after the rain stopped I took this screen shot (above) and it’s unbelievable how much cleaner the air feels!  In case you don’t know what the numbers mean, look at the official chart below [found here].

The weather today was amazing, but of course this is just after rain.  I spent the afternoon at the Olympic Park and walked by the Bird’s Nest National Stadium.  It’s such a nice part of Beijing and I love the big the open spaces  surrounding it.  We didn’t make it as far as the Olympic Park (which was our intended destination), but it was still very nice.

Bird's Nest Stadium

Bird's Nest Stadium

Song for today –

Speak to you again real soon!

8 Responses for “Beijing Air Quality..”

  1. Nicky says:

    Well you know what to do… Hurry up and learn your 中文 and move on to the next country!(/^_^) 

    • Locksley says:

      Probably the only thing at the moment that I don't like is the air quality. Everything else is great! Really enjoying my time here and learning Chinese is so much fun too :D

  2. Croup Cough says:

    Looks like the rain cleaned everything and there is a huge difference between the pictures and statuses of pre and post raining.. thank you for sharing and enjoy your time in China.

  3. Pam Takhar says:

    Hey Locksley, was just thinking about you. My daughter Jasmine knows your brother Stephen. Small world eh? The OU is missiing your presence :( Sounds like you are having a great time. Dont let the smog get you down.

    • Locksley says:

      Hi Pam, nice to hear from you! Yea, it's definitely a small world!! The smog is a minor point, but it's just so noticeable every day haha. Aww, I will make sure that I pay a visit to the OU next time I'm in the UK :)

  4. [...]  Beijing really is so big!  Oh and of course, you’ll see the occasional factory chimney *cough cough*..  This is just one single area of Beijing (which in 2008 already had over 400,000 residents) [...]

  5. If I could inhale those hazardous air surely I'll be coughing endlessly. It just so sad that it really happens that majority of places now a days don't have a clean fresh air.

  6. Last summer I’ve been in capital of Poland for 2 weeks and I must say this beautiful place made a huge impression on me. You must visit it ;)

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