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Job Hunting

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This has got to be one of the most stressful things about being alive in the modern world!  Some say it’s marriage, some say it’s moving house, but I think it has to be looking for, applying for and securing a new job.

Whatever the reason for looking at job sites and jobs papers, there is immense pressure every step of the way.  What kind of job should I do?  How should I word my CV/resume?  Is that experience relevant enough?  Am I qualified to do that?  There are just so many questions you need to ask yourself.

Then, there is the question of whether you are geographically located in a place for jobs you think you would like.  I currently live in Nottingham and after looking at my ‘local’ jobs site, I managed to confirm to myself that my ‘ideal job’ is definitely not located here.  I have expanded my search and figured that my ideal job definitely exists in the UK (of course!) but mostly in the huge metropolitan areas such as Manchester and London – two places I’d actually love to move to!

Some people use the argument that because we are just coming out of a recession, there are no jobs out there, which isn’t entirely accurate.  I don’t fully believe the argument ‘there are no jobs‘, because it is clear that there are PLENTY of jobs available.  The challenge is finding a way to stand out from the other hundred applications that each employer is likely to receive, from the unemployed and the people like me who simply want to move onwards and upwards.

I have found myself guilty of being a job snob, which obviously doesn’t help when you feel the need to move on.  I think despite the negative connotations of being a job snob, it is (in some respects) a good thing.  After all – Why would I move from a job I can get along with, to a job I really don’t like the sound of from the start? I’d accept a challenge and would start from the bottom of a long ladder, but I wouldn’t apply for something ‘just because it’s a job’.  It wouldn’t benefit me, or the employer!  The attitude that ‘a job’s a job’ is the reason why so many of us hate Mondays.

I noticed a Twitter campaign being championed by The Guardian and thought it is an interesting way to get people applying for jobs in a more ‘fun’ and ‘current’ fashion called Twitter your way into a job.  Will it ever be able to replace the conventional CV/resume method of applying?  Time will tell.  Social media is great for all things new in the world of job hunting tips and advice.  Many companies and recruiters, despite never actually responding to Tweets, will post the latest jobs on their Twitter pages before they show on job sites.  It’s an excellent way to find out first and they often provide casual tips for applying as well.  If you aren’t already using Twitter, you don’t know what you’re missing!  Jump on the bandwagon and then follow me as well! :)

Networking can be as important as your application itself.  I have seen so many jobs posted that require the applicant to have an existing portfolio of clients to bring to the new role.  Sites such as LinkedIn are very good for making connections with people in your desired field of work.  However, despite it’s worldwide success I am still yet to join this site.  Have you used it before?  Do you know anyone that has had success as a direct result of using it?

I have been a little reluctant to join LinkedIn because I have become acutely aware of the amount of social networking sites I am still a member of.  There is having an online presence, then there is joining every single network that emerges on the World Wide Web.  I am not sure how many more emails I can handle landing in my inbox!

What is your take on the current jobs market where you are?  Have you got any experience with using social media to get a job?

The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.  ~Arnold Toynbee

2 Responses for “Job Hunting”

  1. Diana Fu says:

    My dear, I totally agree that job hunting is a scary and stressful time, especially if you are under extra pressure to find a job….but commenting on your last comment about LinkedIn, the crazy thing is that I was head hunted via LinkedIn and its led me to, ok not the location I wanted or imagined, but its a great job with good future opportunites. Since then, I have had a few more request or enquiries in regards to jobs that I could be the right candidate for; so you never know what the social networking can do for you as I was actually one of those terrible un-up to date people that got hired through LinkedIn :)

  2. Scott Safadi says:

    Indeed, the job market is undeniably tough. Job seekers will have to be smart and disciplined to find the right job for them.

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