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Are you a Mac or a PC?

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If this was solely going to be based on the above image – you’d be a Mac right?

Well, this is not based on the picture, then you should have a read of this cool infographic below from HunchBlog (via Bitrebels) which might help you ‘place yourself’ if you were ever in doubt.  Which profile do you suit?

I’m afraid I am a PC at present (sorry to disappoint).  But, I really don’t feel like I belong with these ‘PC people’!  I want a Mac, so feel free to gift me one and I’ll love you forever! :)

Remember the adverts?

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3 Responses for “Are you a Mac or a PC?”

  1. Bianca says:

    “I’m a rice cake. Where’s the trainstation?” Lmao!!! The video is so funny! XD well said too.

  2. TOPRICE.IE says:

    i like comparisons like this, thanks.

  3. mallory says:

    Nice review. To me, both are good enough . – Mallory Fleming

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