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Tenerife 2010 pics [4]

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Day 4 of the holiday we spent pretty much the ENTIRE day at Siam water park – which was AWESOME!  I have never been in a pool that had a wave machine so powerful as that one was :shock:

The waves were easily 10ft high and the pool attendants were encouraging everyone to get involved and go deeper in the pool where the waves were even more insane!  Let’s just say I swallowed a bit more water than I’d have liked to – eww!

So, as a result of being at the pool so long, today’s photos are greatly reduced because there were signs saying no cameras were allowed in the pool itself.  Darn!  I bought my waterproof camera case for nothin’!

To see ALL the photos posted, see this link

apple pastry

This was breakfast for me.. An apple flavoured, thing! Nice though!

Siam Park!

I think they were Seals.. I think.

siam park


The park was so green and the ground was blisteringly hot! My feet burned so much! That slide in the background was so steep and high - YES I went down it :-)

I was a little unsure about the look of my garlic mushrooms starter.. But of course, I ate it anyway.

The notorious lasagne! This came out frozen in the middle at first... Yuck!

Chocolate cake? False advertising much??

shot, shooter

They gave us some shots to make up for the frozen lasagne! Ahh well...

Finished up an exhausting day with some cocktails and sangria.

sangria, cocktails

And then some.

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