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When NOT to double-barrel your name

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These pictures were forwarded to me the other day.  They caused quite a stir at work when someone printed them off, leaving them unattended at the printer!  Silly mistake – let’s just say that management were not too impressed.

Seriously!?  They didn’t see it coming?  Wow..

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  1. Ken Anderson says:

    Worst I've seen was about ten or twelve years ago–a couple from a neighboring town (so local I may have run into them): Sertaine – de Voors. I mean, Somebody's trying to tell you something….

  2. JimBob says:

    My sister Valerie married a man called Ron Down, so when she wrote her initials, she started to use her middle initial becoming VAD as opposed to VD.

    A girl at school was called Emma Royd … honestly!

    An a friend more recently is called Andy Grandey – so we call him Andrew Grandrew.

    yes I'm in my 50's and we still tease eachother :)

  3. Chris says:

    When people take other partners name it can be equally fun
    Wild Rose became Wild Bull
    Penny Black became Penny Farthing
    Rose White became Rose Garden

  4. guest says:

    We had a couple Jerrie Cox and Bobb Saka

  5. Lynne says:

    Back around the time I got married (early 1980s), in our local paper there were Lingle-Berry and Hamm-Berger. In my school yearbooks, there were two girls listed alphabetically by the last names of French and Fry.

  6. True stories says:

    I once knew a girl with the surname Dick. Her first name was Ophilia.
    My husband once worked with a girl whose name was Gaye. She married someone with the surname Gay and became Gaye Gay.

  7. Steve says:

    I have a friend who purposefully chose to hyphenate so her last name could be Flatt-Beer

  8. @diegueno says:

    Doesn't somebody owe royalties to Jay Leno after running this? ;)

  9. Phreddie says:

    My friend's friend was named Iona Dick after she was married… ;)

  10. eunice jones says:

    I knew a BOG and A Drinkwater.

  11. Bernie says:

    Jim Trent…Would of been better than Brown Dick. Lol

  12. Nicole C says:

    Hopefully none of them hyphenated their names lol

  13. Peter Wills says:

    Head-Job. True, it has happened.

    • Dr DH says:

      my mother had a friend. ..Pearl Diver….and I had student in one of my degree groups called Marina Barnacle….honest!…she thought it was funny.and had got used to it…

  14. Louis Morrison says:

    This is funny.

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