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Late start to the day (07/01/10 – Day 7)

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Work is the biggest obstacle between me and food.  I would so much like to eat better food throughout the day, but my workplace just doesn’t cater for it :-(

Yes, I could prepare my own food and take it with me every day.  But I am new to cooking for myself and it’s a lot of hassle for me to need to think of making something big and healthy each day.  The downside as well, is that there are no decent shops nearby, which adds to my battle.

Anyway, today’s pictures..

I think bananas are the easiest fruits to eat

Still had a pack of hot cross buns left over, so tok them to work as 'breakfast'

oops! I was offered some chocolates and I of course accepted!!

Washing it all down with some Evian!

Ok forgive me..  I am still getting used to this concept of taking photos of everything I consume..  So for that reason, I totally forgot to take photos of the dinner I had when I went to my parents house.  They made a fish dinner..  I can’t recall what type of fish it was, but it was delicious!  So, next time hopefully I will remember to take out my camera!

I LOVE this stuff!!!

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  1. jeanie says:

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