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Breakfast roll of doom (08/01/10 – Day 8)

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Whenever I start a day with one of these…

Sausage, tomato, brown sauce in a bread roll. So wrong, yet satisfying.

… I never feel like eating much for the rest of the day.  It is so so so unhealthy and I think that is the reason I never feel hungry afterwards.  It must be all the random chemicals added to the blasted-off-the-bone-and-mashed pork that just keep my body ticking over..  Ugh.  If I think about it too long I’d never be able to eat it, but at the time, things just seem different :roll:

Coffee and a chocolate bar to add to my healthy day.. Hmm.

Then I went out later this night for a bit of a night out with a friend..  Of course, I didn’t eat anything healthy upon my return at 3am..

Take away box. Contents: 8 hot wings and chips. With a can of Coke (Not pictured).

Darn!  Why did I give in so easily and get this trash?!  Ahh well.  there is always next Friday to redeem myself and be healthier eh?

Not much food today, but a whole lot of junk!

3 Responses for “Breakfast roll of doom (08/01/10 – Day 8)”

  1. Robbie says:

    I've told you before – live is for living!

  2. sharon says:

    Yeah, I agree, eat right and you'll live right. Healthy living is essential. – Integrity Spas

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