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Pub dinners are not nice! (05/01/10 – Day 5)

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Well today was a fun day for food..  I started the day as I meant to go on..  With a chunky slice of chocolate log (I think it was called that!) and then pretty much snacked the rest of the day.  Tomorrow I am cooking something ‘proper’.  I can’t be bothered with all this snacking on junk – it’s not healthy!

What a way to start the day eh? It was well advertised at work and the mention of chocolate chocolate chocolate made me jump at the chance to eat some!

Chicken sandwich as standard for lunch today.... Yuk - they STUFF it with mayo!

Tasty croissant

Little bit of fruit juice to wash it all down with

Sometimes a good drink of water is hard to find.. This was no exception!

Tell me, I am not the only one who likes cereal after work???

The starters at the pub.. Chicken wings.. Reasonable taste, but a little on the bland side..

Even the garlic bread was awful! Mushy like they'd steamed it rather than baked it.. Eww!

All is well that ends well eh? No, I didn't eat my iPhone haha!

That concludes day 5.  When I look at it like this, I don’t think I eat very much at all!  Darn.  How else am I going to gain some weight??

4 Responses for “Pub dinners are not nice! (05/01/10 – Day 5)”

  1. Dom says:

    Wow my desk is famous at last!!!!

  2. Dom says:

    The garlic bread does look dreadful, almost like they used it to wash the pans with first!!

  3. sofie says:

    Yeah, you sure have not eaten that much, and not good enough nutrition as well. I guess, you really need to cook your own food. – Integrity Spas

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