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Smoked Mackerel the way forward? (04/01/10 – Day 4)

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Skipped breakfast because of getting up too late – d’oh!  Didn’t even have chance to grab a banana lol!  Well, after waiting till lunch I was disappointed to find that my cheese salad baguette was not as expected :-(

Started the day with some OJ

The disappointing baguette! Where is the cheese??

After a hard day, nothing like a banana…  Hmm, yea..

The daily banana. I hear it keeps the doctors away??

Today I experimented with my food.  I thought I’d try to be clever by cooking a fish dinner!

The raw ingredients, before the fish goes in...

Probably the best smoked mackerel I will cook! I was so so stuffed after eating this!

Last piece of toffee cheesecake! Went down well!

3 Responses for “Smoked Mackerel the way forward? (04/01/10 – Day 4)”

  1. Laura says:

    Have you got a new camera??

  2. Locksley says:

    Yep, got a new one now.. Could you tell? I use my iPhone for some of the pics though. especially the ones at work..

  3. Laura says:

    I cant tell in these pics really… I just noticed the camera box in your banana pic lol

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