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Still not going strong (02/01/10 – Day 2)

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Ok so today was still not the greatest..  In fact, in comparison to yesterday I was worse off!

To be honest, later in the day before my midnight potato and cheese, I went out with a couple friends for a few drinks.  That probably postponed even further any plans I had to cook something ‘proper’.  Well, there is always tomorrow eh?

Nothing like starting the day late with a chocolate milkshake right? Belgian chocolate though. Only the best will do!

Followed by some super noodles.. The microwave is such a great thing!

Then after the night at the local pub.  I came back and had to eat something so I opted for a baked potato and cheese..  Called a ‘Jacket Potato‘ [in the UK..?]  Except I opted for 2 of them, because I am a pig!

Jacket Potato with cheese.  Mmmmm

Jacket potato late night!

And that concludes day 2!  Nothing so far would suggest I am trying to ‘gain’ weight eh?  Well, I think at some point I’ll wake up and eat MORE!!

Until tomorrow.  Peace!

3 Responses for “Still not going strong (02/01/10 – Day 2)”

  1. Laura says:

    Looks more like your trying to loose weight?? !

  2. jeanie says:

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